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MultiDesk 12.6

Free version (limit 2 concurrent connections). Download

SHA256: 9f67847b25b290b6440922cd622e54af5e50144d4dd73d218a1c5de4aaea0d4d  

Donators version. Download

SHA256: 82f250097b244c181315a622ae0a579efb77f9de37d8473c4f5ee19584d081d7   
MultiDesk 3.16

Free version (unlimited). Download

MD5: a42cf10cc416c703b08501686562d797
SHA1: d92680f3e6ec6048e634439ce441d09fb4d947fe

MultiDesk needs your help to keep alive. Or if you think MultiDesk is helpful, please make a donation. Thank you!
And sorry, Donation less than $5 will not be handled because PayPal charge most of it and I got nothing.
You can donate via PayPal or Bitcoin: 1NXxHZwHK3Jq8PY3DgpPADTpTMJofFEX3Z
Or Litecoin: LQKNxviVe5VhAjoYg6LtzqbbRUmzo7pZ7Q

N.B. Donations are handled manually. Username and password will be sent in one or two days. And gmail may think this email is SPAM. Please check your spam folder if you did not receive it in 2 days.

MultiDesk Enforcer 12.6

MultiDesk Enforcer 12.6 Purchase

SHA256: 8583c44ebef3ce96acafe114a4a777cacdc044b9c5e68f9cc703b986f76bcae1  

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